April 30, 2010

Things I LOVE: Plastic Flowers?

I would have never thought of PLASTIC flowers
as something I like, let alone LOVE! 
But under the right circumstances, I DO!
A perfect example of such love is this cake!
via * Eartha Kitsch *
You can purchase similar picks
 via etsy seller sweetestelle
I would love to have some of these plastic flower garlands
photo via dadimax
available at kitsch kitchen
 This FABULOUS display in India was an instant favorite!
via Rups1
As was this Our Lady of Guadalupe altar!

What do you think about plastic flowers?
Totally Tacky or Kitschy Kool?
Speaking of kitsch, I'll be back soon
to talk about my LOVE for
May Altars and religious kitsch! 

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Kitschy Kool! Kitschy Kool! Oh wait, maybe I am too easily swayed. :)

  2. Kelly, I miss YOU terribly! I hope it's okay that I shared the cake. xoxo Kristin