March 9, 2011

Nate Duval for Sweet 'N Low

I have been LOVING this billboard
that I see on the highway as I'm driving to work
and wanted to learn more.
Nate Duval created a series of  five ads for
Sweet ‘N Low’s Winter/Holiday 2010-2011 campaign. 
I adore the entire campaign! 
Additional images by Nate Duvall for Sweet ‘N Low:
The owl might just be my favorite! 
We can all use a little pink 
on a rainy Wednesday afternoon :)

March 3, 2011

Mid Week Mess!


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One of the recent tasks I completed in 
Keri Smith's Mess.

1. Hang many sheets of paper to your wall.
2. For one week write down your random thoughts on the wall.

I chose to do this for one month and look forward to

doing it again :)

January 12, 2011

"Wreck This" Wednesday

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I have been promising my friend Lizzi that
I would start Keri Smith's new book, Mess
for months! I finally ordered it last week but I
couldn't stop thinking about the fact that I
never finished my Wreck This Journal.
Just as I was painting the background of this page,
Mess was delivered. I am hoping to find
the time to not only start and complete Mess
but also to finish my Wreck This Journal.

Have you started Mess? 
Please leave me a link in the comments as 
I would LOVE to see your pages!