May 1, 2010

Flickr Favorites: May Altars and Religious Kitsch

I guess my love affair with altars and shrines started when I
was little. I was raised Catholic and always looked forward
to gathering lily of the valley and setting up our May altar.
I haven't made a May altar in years, 
but plan to do so this year.

As always, I looked to flickr for inspiration.
This is one of my all - time favorite flickr photos
and possibly the best loo ever :)
I LOVE that floral swag draped over the frame!
Want to wear a little Religious kitsch? 
I do, especially if it comes from 
Eclectic Gipsyland
via eclecticgipsyland
We had a Mary statue in our back yard 
when I was growing up,
but nothing like this Shrine!

via Channel Z

Are you making a May Altar? 
Creating something special for Mother's Day?
I'd love to see :)
Happy May 1st! 


  1. My loo is famous! Thank you. It may seem something of an odd choice of decoration for an atheist but even I have to admit the religious do great merch.

  2. The comment above is from Mr Kitsch, in case you were confused.
    Thank you for featuring my photo. I've kind of created a shrine of thrift shopping for my latest blog, and I have also awarded you 'The Giddy Kipper'.

  3. kristin, i just found your blog via the latest somerset magazine. i am in LOVE. i am completely inspired by your kitchen & spaces & painting & drawing & created your very life. it is beautiful & full of glory. the very frame of YOU is clearly breathtaking & free. i am a follower to be sure. lots of love to all of who you are.x

  4. Why did I not know you had a blog? What eye candy you have here, and your banner is great. I don't know how you manage all of the wonderful art work you create. The ideas are truly inspired and the execution is perfection.