April 30, 2010

Things I LOVE: Plastic Flowers?

I would have never thought of PLASTIC flowers
as something I like, let alone LOVE! 
But under the right circumstances, I DO!
A perfect example of such love is this cake!
via * Eartha Kitsch *
You can purchase similar picks
 via etsy seller sweetestelle
I would love to have some of these plastic flower garlands
photo via dadimax
available at kitsch kitchen
 This FABULOUS display in India was an instant favorite!
via Rups1
As was this Our Lady of Guadalupe altar!

What do you think about plastic flowers?
Totally Tacky or Kitschy Kool?
Speaking of kitsch, I'll be back soon
to talk about my LOVE for
May Altars and religious kitsch! 

Have a great weekend :)

April 28, 2010

"Wreck This" Wednesday ~ Magazine Cover!

No, this is not literally a "Keri Smith" way to "Wreck This Journal"
but for me, it's been the BEST way (yet) to Wreck It :)

Find a Way to get
on the COVER of a Magazine!
Click on Image to View Larger
I had NO IDEA when I sent this submission
Click on Image to View Larger 
to "Cloth Paper Scissors Studios"
 at the end of January that I would be in the magazine...
You can only imagine my delight when they told
me my studio was being considered for the cover! 

Want to know what to expect in the magazine?
My story, why I created this room, what inspired me to
do it, my Summer inspiration space, as well as 
what inspires me the most throughout the year!

There's a second article, where I'll give you
directions on how to create this look as well as 
my "permission" to WRITE, PAINT, & DRAW on your walls. 
I'll share a great way to do this in apartments as well in a future post.

The Summer 2010 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Studios is
available for Pre - order NOW!
It will also be available at all major book and craft stores
nationwide on May 18th!

Send me photos if you see it at a 
book or craft store in your area :)
Bonus points if YOU are in the picture
with the magazine!

I plan to "wreck" a magazine or two when I receive them
and give them away along with a few other surprises to some of you! 

Sending the biggest virtual HUG to Melissa Averinos
of  Yummy Goods
(her studio was on the cover of  
Cloth Paper Scissors Studios last Summer
for her encouragement the past several months!
Please send pictures!

April 27, 2010

Color ME a Bright Parisian Mexican :)

Chances are this post will come as no surprise. 
If you follow my flickr, it's no secret that I LOVE bright colors, Paris,
EVERYTHING Mexican (especially The Day of the Dead and embroidery)
and crazy mixes of all of the above. 
So what am I craving right now...
Let's see...
My friend Mikaila found this awesome map online:
Click on Image to View Larger 
via Antoine+Manuel
which I absolutely adore!!!

My favorite local store, High Street has some FABULOUS
pillows for Spring. This one is my favorite:
Click on Image to View Larger 
Wouldn't it be perfect on my bed?

I am also LOVING this necklace from Anthropologie
and this Folk Bedroom from Livingetc
Click on Image to View Larger 
What's inspiring you this Spring?
I'd love to know!

I'll be back tomorrow to share
more about my first magazine cover 
and two articles :)


April 18, 2010

Busy... but I FINALLY made the April Bed :)

Better late than never... 
I've been really busy the past few weeks and struggled to come up with something I like half as much as my 2009 April bed with my hand painted sheets:
 The 2010 April bed is inspired by Spring flowers:
From back to front: 
Large pillow covers from thrifted fabric
Patterned pillow cases: Target (I used these
last April as well)
Flower Power pillow cases: thrifted
Brown corduroy pillow: Big Lots (several years ago)
Floral Pillows: Z Gallerie
Top Sheet: Urban Outfitters
Comforter: The Company Store

Sleep Tight :)

April 3, 2010

Easter Favorites

Every year, I "think" about decorating and/or crafting for Easter but most years, I don't get around to doing it. 
This year was no exception. But, if I had...
here are some of my favorite ideas :)
Peeps Sushi
photo via Robyn Lee
Instructions here
eat me
via venus.
I'd LOVE to make a garland out of her prints :)
Jelly Bean Soaps
Fabric Easter Eggs
Tutorial here

Happy Easter, did you decorate?