April 28, 2010

"Wreck This" Wednesday ~ Magazine Cover!

No, this is not literally a "Keri Smith" way to "Wreck This Journal"
but for me, it's been the BEST way (yet) to Wreck It :)

Find a Way to get
on the COVER of a Magazine!
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I had NO IDEA when I sent this submission
Click on Image to View Larger 
to "Cloth Paper Scissors Studios"
 at the end of January that I would be in the magazine...
You can only imagine my delight when they told
me my studio was being considered for the cover! 

Want to know what to expect in the magazine?
My story, why I created this room, what inspired me to
do it, my Summer inspiration space, as well as 
what inspires me the most throughout the year!

There's a second article, where I'll give you
directions on how to create this look as well as 
my "permission" to WRITE, PAINT, & DRAW on your walls. 
I'll share a great way to do this in apartments as well in a future post.

The Summer 2010 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Studios is
available for Pre - order NOW!
It will also be available at all major book and craft stores
nationwide on May 18th!

Send me photos if you see it at a 
book or craft store in your area :)
Bonus points if YOU are in the picture
with the magazine!

I plan to "wreck" a magazine or two when I receive them
and give them away along with a few other surprises to some of you! 

Sending the biggest virtual HUG to Melissa Averinos
of  Yummy Goods
(her studio was on the cover of  
Cloth Paper Scissors Studios last Summer
for her encouragement the past several months!
Please send pictures!


  1. YAY!!! Congrats Kristin!! I can't wait to get it!!!! I'm going to wait until I see it in a bookstore and take tons of pictures! and a picture wouldn't be a great picture without me in it.. lol hehehehhe! :}

  2. Kristin,
    I'm so excited to take a picture of myself with your magazine, the thing I love about you most is that you always include us in your process, I take back so much inspiration information from you and the impact on my life is so positive.

  3. aw, my pleasure, dear! congratulations--- you deserve it! xo, melissa

  4. Hi Kristin! Followed a yummygoods tweet...I'm one of the featured studios in this very issue! Woohoo! How exciting it is!

  5. Woot! I adore the fact that you decorated the disc! :D

  6. Thanks Amanda & Mikaila looking forward to your pictures :)

    Thanks Melissa ~ You're the best!

    Congratulations, Candied Fabrics! I can't wait to see OUR magazine :)

    Thanks Lizzi :) You know me, I could never just send a blank disc!

  7. I just picked read the magazine at my local Barnes and Noble in Reston, VA. I am visiting your blog for the first time after seeing it at the end of the article in which you were featured. :)

    I love your art. Congratulations to you on being published!!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE your art! I am an interior designer from Southlake Texas and was so impressed with your feature. Congrats on the kudos -- you go girl! Jami


  9. Hello! I was just in Barnes and Noble today, and came across Cloth, Paper, Scissors Studios with your space on the cover.

    I've never before scene the magazine, but your space is SO my style, so I took it into starbucks and read your whole article, sad that there wasn't more!

    I jotted down your blog site, and even some of your great ideas. My room is currently purple and lime green and in my basement. But it's MY space (and my two cats)

    Either way I enjoyed your space, your inspiration and you blog here. I will be back!

    Queen of Feisty

  10. I bought a copy today! LOVE that mag...can't live without one single issue. Your studio looks so neat...I was immediately drawn in because of the apron! Love, LOVE, LOVE it! Decided to find your blog and so here I am. Now off to read, study and devour it....Congratulations on the book cover. Susan :-)

  11. Hi Kristin,
    I keep going back to your studio in the magazine, and I did a small project at my shop using your technique. Here's a link: http://gardenjunk.blogspot.com/2010/07/chalkboard-paint-at-shop.html.
    Next I think I'm going to do my back entry at home that way too. Fun!
    Thanks for the idea!

  12. Hi Kristin,
    It is my first time purchasing the magazine, and visiting your blog.
    The cover caught my eye while shopping at Barnes and Nobel
    in Newport Beach, California.
    Congratulations to you, great creativity is shown here,
    and your inspired studio space is the reason I purchased it.
    I'm thrilled for you, all best wishes!