February 4, 2010

It's February

Did I mention that my inspiration changes QUICKLY? 
January was somewhat of a blur for me. I was working on a deadline for the Summer Issue of  
Cloth Paper Scissors Studios magazine when I was approached to do a DIY column
for an Italian magazine, Ristrutturare con Casa Chic
I completed both submissions in the nick of time but now I'm slightly behind on everything else.
I snuck in my January bed on the 31st:
It's now February and although I don't typically do a HUGE amount of Valentine's Day decorating, 
a little something to replace the Christmas clutter would be nice. 
Tonight, I am inspired by:
Kitty has these adorable -Sweetheart candy heart 
"lollypops" available in her etsy shop
I'll be back soon to share my Valentine's Day Decor :)


  1. I just found you on Flickr-I am so happy you have a blog!! lol

    I'm follwing you...

  2. Thank you :) I literally JUST started the blog so please bear with me while I finish my graphics, etc. Kristin