January 31, 2010

January Inspiration

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I recently completed a mini-makeover in my studio which included painting my hutch black. I immediately realized that the stark black was making me feel like I was being forced to create in a cubicle. I removed the top shelf and created an inspiration station that I can easily change as my inspiration changes.

In January, I was inspired by:

*The flickr group sixty-four colors.
Each week a new Crayola® Crayon is introduced and members are encouraged to go out into the world and photograph something with that color.

*The “Re-Think” advertising campaign by Saturn

*The 70’s

*Harajuku Lovers

* Vintage style enamel brooches by Free People

*Orange mushrooms with white polka dots

*Vintage Japan pedestal mugs from the 60's

What's inspiring you?


  1. omg... kristin, you are blogging! :)))
    that's so exiting! have fun, fun, fun!!!

    and YOU can be definbitely such an inspiration for the whole blogger community!


  2. should be niC of course... *lol*

    see how exited i am!!! ;)

  3. Thanks Nic :)
    Other than Pete, you are the only person I've told. I'm very excited, yet, slightly frustrated while I learn by trial and error.
    I'm TRULY honored that you are my first follower~
    xoxo and thanks for inspiring me :)

  4. YOU are what is inspiring me :)

    i look so forward to your blogged adventures kristin!

  5. Thanks Dani ~
    Time to head out into the world
    and hunt for YELLOW!

  6. Looks great! So glad you dove in! xo

  7. Thanks, Melissa :) I thought about you OFTEN when I was working on my studio. I can't wait for the Summer issue to come out!

  8. what a cheery studio. . . i LOVE bright colors. . . so, i LOVE this! :)
    great for creating in. . . no better time than the present to do what we REALLY want! heck. . . this makes me want to revamp!
    off to do that NOW :)
    tee hee!