February 11, 2010

Blog It Forward

The ultimate blogger mash-up organized by Victoria of Sfgirlbybay began today! 
300 bloggers from all over the world will post about what inspires them.
The first ten bloggers started today:
They will now pass the "torch" to the next ten bloggers
who will post what inspires them on Thursday.
These ten will blog it forward to the next ten and so on.
You can follow all of the bloggers 
by going to the Blog it Forward page located at Sfgirlbybay

I will be posting "what inspires ME" along with nine
other bloggers on Tuesday, March 9th.


  1. This is so cool. I need to update the blog. First I need the power back in...then I'll update! Hehe. :)

  2. so cool in so many ways and i am bummed i did not know about this blogger thingie-ma-bob...i feel left out. but will enjoy yer post as i am enjoying them now!

  3. Thanks ~ I think they will probably have another blogger mash up and I will give you the heads up if I hear about it.