February 22, 2010

Macaroni and Cheese Crayola Crayons???

As I mentioned before, I have been incredibly inspired by the the flickr group, sixty-four colors
Each week a new Crayola® Crayon is introduced and members are encouraged to go out into the world and photograph something with that color. Okay, great.

So far, I've done silver, magenta, sea green, sepia, yellow, pacific blue, and blue violet. But, today when they announced the new color it was MACARONI and CHEESE! Huh? I was meeting a friend just after I read this but I kept thinking about macaroni and cheese being a color for the rest of the afternoon. I stopped at a grocery store tonight to check out their mac and cheese assortment:
Hmmm... not that interesting. In the Kosher section, I found this, which was slightly better:
Stouffer's Macaroni and Cheese was on sale (you may very well be seeing that as my 64 colors photo this week :)  I did  pick up a few items at thrift stores today that happened to have this "color". Yet, I was still left wondering, when did macaroni and cheese become a color? 
According to factmonster.com, Crayola introduced the following 16 colors in 1993: 
asparagus, granny smith apple, pacific blue, robin's egg blue, timber wolf, wisteria, cerise,
purple mountain's majesty, shamrock, tropical rain forest, denim, mauvelous, razzmatazz, tickle me pink, tumbleweed and macaroni and cheese!

Dilemma solved, but I need to pick up a few new boxes of crayons. Lizzi, I'll grab one for you as well :)

xoxo Kristin


  1. LOL, explained! Still odd though.

    With the crayons, I think I already have a box on the way from someone but... they sent it weeks ago and it still has not arrived! :S

  2. I had no idea! When I think about it though, that boxed mac and cheese is definitely a certain color.