February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year & Stalker Shrines, I never said I was normal :)

Last night I shared some of my favorite Chinese New Year flickr photos .
But, there was one more that I kept thinking about today while I was shoveling snow.

I have ALWAYS been inspired by altars, shrines and what I refer to as "stalker art".
You know, when someone gets obsessed with someone and hangs their pictures
all over their walls or builds them an altar.
Alicia Silverstone made one in the movie The Crush
and there was a creepy cool stalker art wall on the eighties tv show, Paper Dolls as well. If you don't think I've completely lost my mind, keep reading.

One of my monthly creative outlets is changing the look of our bed, inspired by jek and her "Making the Bed" flickr group.
 Last February, I did this...
which I really loved, but change keeps life interesting
which is where last night's inspiration comes in.
The February Bed for 2010:
Sweet Dreams :)


  1. Very pretty!!!! I need new bedding... I wish I had the means to change it every month. I have like 2 pillows and they are red. BORING. ha.

  2. I LOVE that bed!!!!
    Normal is boring anyway ;p

  3. Thanks :) Amanda, most of the items I use on our bed I have had for SEVERAL years with the exception of a few thrifted items I add to the mix from time to time. I also mix in items from other rooms. If you look over the beds, you will see I'm often using the same bedding, just mixing it a little differently and adding SUPER inexpensive paper elements to make things look a little different.

    Thanks, KeKe :) You're right, normal is boring.

  4. Merciful heavens this is fantastically beautiful!