March 4, 2010

"Wreck This" Wednesday

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In keeping with the March MODness theme,
I made a Peter Max inspired paper airplane.

I have been dreading making this airplane
since I started my journal, but now that 
it's finished, it was not that bad!
Are you wrecking a journal?
If so, what pages are you dreading?
Are you scared to mail it?
Embarrassed to take it for a walk?
I know I am!
Keep on wreckin'


  1. just saw this on flickr - i'm wrecking too! i waited a long time to decorate my airplane page but finally got around to it the other night. i guess the one im dreading most is documenting a boring event in detail (which i cant find any good ideas for) or doing a nonstop line. i've seen so many nonstop line pages that look so incredible and i don't want mine to be wimpy!

  2. I looove this! Every time you wreck something new, I want to start my journal all over. I think I might....... :] :]

  3. Hi Dot, I have yet to document a boring event in detail as well. Boring is not exactly inspiring to me :) As for the non - stop line, I practiced with that idea before I actually did it in the journal until I came up with an idea I liked. It helped. You can see my non-stop line page here:
    Writing in non - stop cursive is fun :)

  4. Thanks Amanda:) Absolutely!
    Start wrecking again!

  5. Kristin,

    Love your new banner!! Yer so good.


  6. Thanks Richele ~ I enjoyed making it :)

  7. I'm wrecking a journal too. I'm taking a break from it right now but there are definitely pages I'm scared to do.

  8. Hi Krysten - I've been taking a very long break from the journal and just started back recently. I'm hoping to share a new page every Wednesday... so far so good :)